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***** CRITIC'S CHOICE Moreno handles Thomas Kyd's original revenge tragedy with both care and flair, such that its knotty narrative untangles with a compelling brutality. Crammed with sharp, potent images - bodies hanging like butchered meat and blood inching across tabletops - this Spanish Tragedy displays a savvy approach to its modernisation... as clear and gripping a production of Kyd's forgotten classic as you're likely to find     TIME OUT 

Mitchell Moreno's directing is electrifying... On press night, the audience alternated between yelps of nervous laughter and horrified gasps     THE INDEPENDENT ON SUNDAY 

 gloriously bombastic and operatic in scope, sending judder after judder through the unnerved audience     THE STAGE

Worth seeing for the two plays-within-a-play alone: one, full of surprising, full-on belly laughs; the second so drenched in tension, we found ourselves struggling to breathe     LONDONIST


a brilliantly effective production of a powerful play, difficult both to watch and to forget     ROUTLEDGE SHAKESPEARE JOURNAL 

Directed with passion and fury by Mitchell Moreno, a play which must have seemed to many unstageable nonsense comes vibrantly and vividly to life. There is an intensity and honesty in all the performances that allows the humour to shine forth just as the knife is buried deep into a villainous heart. Unforgettable images of self-mutilation are truly shocking in the Arcola intimacy, with gunshots and screams reverberating and resonating around the cold bare concrete walls...Moreno and Helen Goddard’'s design is as intriguing as it is innovative    BRITISH THEATRE GUIDE 


Moreno sustains a gruelling atmosphere of physical exhaustion, palpable threat and mortal fear, and takes us right to the heart of the moral agony the captives suffer... Superb performances all round make this a fringe must see     THE TELEGRAPH

****It's salutary, sometimes, to be harrowed by an evening's theatre. Moreno's assured production swings around in a nerve jangling cat-and-mouse exchange     EVENING STANDARD

A worthy revival...Moreno and his cast find their way through the thickets. They are particularly good at screwing up the tension... the audience wriggles in dismay     FINANCIAL TIMES

**** Moreno's production is strong and clear, giving space for fine, dignified performances     TIME OUT

pain and grief expressed with absolute conviction and dignity... as intriguing as it is innovative... Gripping from beginning to blood-soaked end     BRITISH THEATRE GUIDE 


Took the top of our heads off. It was just the most thrilling, extraordinary piece... a genuine frisson in the theatre     BBC RADIO 4, SATURDAY REVIEW


An elegant and convincing solution to the problem of how to make absorbing drama out of sacred oratorio.   SIR JONATHAN MILLER 


Mitchell Moreno's decision to stage the original in his own non-tricksy translation is a theatrical event, as well as a calling card for a promising director. This is a rare opportunity to experience Euripidean tragedy with its satirical edge intact      THE STAGE 

This superb revival is a must     WHAT'S ON

Moreno's pacy and handsomely spoken production delivers some authentic dramatic frissons, no the least of which comes with the entrance of striking lantern figures. Dynamic storytelling.     TIME OUT 


...a complex series of flashbacks and jumps forward in time, a technique of storytelling that is both deliberately confusing and full of intrigue. Captivating and often heartbreaking     EDINBURGH EVENING NEWS

Beautifully stylised and quite eerie at times, it's a kind of poetry, with a cadence to it like memory... Tense and gripping, it's an emotional rollercoaster for the audience     BBC RADIO SCOTLAND, THE ARTS SHOW

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